These bonds I question are

held by blood alone

yet the source I seek is still unknown

They say “til death do us part”

Somehow, I would rather die than be a part 

not be apart, but be a part

All I see are closed doors, closed hearts

and blurred vision rooted from a bitter past

How do you love when you haven’t let go?

That is the nagging question, alas

"Don’t let everything burn and crash"

it would be easy for you to say

These walls are built over pain

These walls don’t just go away

At times I regret it when I look in retrospection

"What could have been…"

It could have been perfection.

Two former enemies left as the only remaining humans on earth

They don’t know how to love

so they die alone

held by their spilled blood, alone

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Frida Gustavsson for Reserved collection
I see you with your 32,000 notes on that one picture. ;)
by amateur-health

hi tal!! ya i’m practically tumblr famous

by the way, your blog is inspiring me to attempt at a noob smoothie/juice cleanse because i’ve been eating so unhealthy lately LOL :’)

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Hannah Holman by Alasdair McLellanVogue Russia January 2010